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Find out exactly what is causing that pelvic pain and contact our offices in Aiea or Honolulu

Chonic Pelvic Pain can disrupt work, physical activity, sexual relations, sleep, or family life. It also can affect a woman’s mental and physical health.  If you are experiencing pelvic pain there may be a several underlying conditions causing the pain.  At OB-GYN Hawaii,  we thoroughly evaluate your condition and work with you to help treat your pelvic pain condition. Contact us today to make an appointment.
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General Gynecology

As a woman it is essential to find a gynecology office you know and trust.  At OB-GYN Hawaii, we provide general gynecology appointments from your early teens well into your adult and menopausal years. At every stage in your life, you can be assured that your health concerns will be handled in a professional, caring, and friendly manner.  Don’t wait to schedule your first appointment and give us a call right away. You will be happy you did!

Identifying a problem

OB-GYN Hawaii is a team of highly professional individuals who make it their mission to serve you.  We address the health concerns you may be faced with and take the necessary steps to get you feeling healthy again!  Give the experts a call to make sure you are on the right path. Schedule your appointment with our friendly staff.  We are here to help you! 

Affordable services

We understand that doctor visits can be expensive. That is why majority of the services we provide are covered by most insurance.  We have flexible payment plans available and we accept most major credit cards.  Call one of our specialists today to see if your insurance is accepted at OB-GYN Hawaii.
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