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Family planning is a central component of women’s health, and a service available at OB-GYN Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii. Whether you need advice on birth control, pregnancy spacing, or other family planning needs, the team is here to help. Scheduling a birth control and family planning visit is as simple as a phone call or a few moments on the online booking page.

Birth Control & Family Planning Q&A

What is birth control and family planning?

When many people think of family planning, they only consider birth control. While birth control is certainly a big part of family planning, the overall approach is broader. 

Family planning is a health service that allows women to choose how to structure their reproductive timing. It supports women who want to make well-informed decisions about when and how to become pregnant, and how to space pregnancies for the good of the entire family. 

This approach is highly personalized. While some women prefer to group their pregnancies close together, others may have unique health needs best met by waiting a few years between pregnancies. The OB-GYN Hawaii team works closely with the women in their care to help them build a family that is healthy and happy. 

What are some birth control options?

Never before have women had so much choice when it comes to birth control. There are so many options available that it can feel overwhelming to navigate the choices. The team works with you to help you find a birth control method that is right for your specific set of needs. 

Some of the available options include:

  • Birth control pills
  • Male and female condoms
  • NuvaRingⓇ vaginal rings
  • Patches
  • Depo-ProveraⓇ injections
  • NexplanonⓇ implants
  • Intrauterine devices (hormonal and nonhormonal)

Birth control option categories include barrier methods and hormonal methods. Hormonal methods work by changing your hormonal balance to reduce the chance of becoming pregnant. 

Barrier methods work by placing a physical barrier between sperm and egg. Spermicide can be used with most barrier methods to further reduce the risk of pregnancy. OB-GYN Hawaii also offers bilateral tubal ligation, a permanent surgical birth control option. 

How do I know which birth control and family planning option is right for me?

The team works with you to determine your short and long term goals regarding family planning. They also help you find a method that is in line with your overall health needs. 

For example, a young woman who wants to control heavy menstrual bleeding and has multiple sexual partners may want to use birth control pills to regulate flow. She should also use condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

A woman in a long term, mutually monogamous relationship may want a birth control method that is highly effective yet requires little in the way of maintenance. An IUD or birth control implant might be the right fit, as both provide lasting protection with no need to remember to take daily pills or use barrier methods each time. 

Learn more about your family planning and birth control options during a visit to OB-GYN Hawaii. You can book an appointment online or by phone, so don’t delay.