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Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it can also be stressful. The OB-GYN Hawaii team has helped hundreds of women in Honolulu, Hawaii, navigate their pregnancy with ease, and is honored to play a role in welcoming babies into the world. If you are searching for an excellent OB-GYN practice to partner with during your pregnancy, book a visit today, online or over the phone.

Pregnancy Q&A

What is prenatal care, and why is it so important during pregnancy?

Prenatal care is the medical care a woman receives during pregnancy. An extensive body of research supports the fact that prenatal care is essential for the health of both mother and child. 

These visits allow the OB-GYN Hawaii team to monitor your baby’s development, keeping a close eye on any signs of distress. They are also your opportunity to ask questions or learn how you can promote a healthy pregnancy. 

Pregnancy can be stressful, whether this is your first child or your third child. Having a trusted medical team to guide you through the process can make a world of difference, and give you the peace of mind you need to prepare to welcome the newest member of your family. 

What happens during prenatal care visits?

Your first prenatal exam is probably the longest, as the team needs to gather information on your health and your baby’s development. The process begins with a discussion about your health and your experience in pregnancy thus far. 

The team gathers information on your height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, and more. This gives them a baseline from which to track changes as you move forward in pregnancy. You share details about your personal and family health history, as well as your lifestyle. 

A pelvic exam is often part of the process and allows your doctor to check for any tissue abnormalities. Ultrasound imaging allows you to ”see” your baby while in utero. You may also need to have blood work done to learn more about how your body is functioning. 

The team discusses ways you can support a healthy pregnancy. Topics include the importance of diet and taking a prenatal vitamin, how to get enough exercise, stress management, and more. 

During subsequent visits, you receive the screenings needed to check for developmental or genetic problems. These screenings vary depending on numerous factors, including maternal age, overall health, and more. As you move closer to your due date, you come in more frequently. 

When should I schedule my first prenatal exam?

You should book your first prenatal exam as soon as you learn you are pregnant. Early care is the best way to support a healthy pregnancy.

The ideal timeline begins even before you are expecting. Once you decide to add to your family, come in for a visit to learn how to prepare your body for the challenges of pregnancy. This is especially important if you have experienced previous miscarriage or a high-risk pregnancy, or if you are over the age of 35. 

Learn more about the approach to pregnancy care of OB-GYN Hawaii during a consultation. You can book a visit in just moments online, or call to speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff.